Worship Ministry

Our Passion...

Equipping and encouraging those in the body of Christ to use their musical gifts to glorify God and lead people into encountering the manifest presence of God. In doing so, people are transformed, set free, and empowered by the Holy Spirit to live lives that bring His Kingdom to the earth.

Ministry Goals

Educate: Growing in the knowledge of God through His revealed Word the bible.

Cultivate: Discipling the worshipper to live a lifestyle that reflects the character of Christ.

Motivate: Promoting excellence; developing and refining musical gifts to glorify God.

Associate: Building relationships within the team through the perfect bond of love.

Elevate: Growing a team in how to effectively invite, engage, and edify the body of Christ in worshipping God.   


If you want to get involved with our music leadership, sound, or projection teams, contact Ryan our Worship Pastor at: ryanzimmer@currentcommunitychurch.org.