What Can I Expect When I Visit?

Expectations? We all have them. But what can you expect to see when you visit?

  • We're Not Perfect. How's that for a selling point? But it's true. Since there aren't any perfect people (or perfect churches for that matter), we simply try to do our best with everything we've been given for the glory of God. We're an imperfect church for imperfect people striving to live for a perfect God.

  • We're Friendly. Every church says that, right? But because we're a new church start, we can't be attractional or progromatic. Relationships are the thing we've got going, and we love it that way. You won't fall through the cracks here, and you're bound to form some great relationships.

  • We Strive for Authentic Community. We genuinely desire to love Jesus Christ and love each other. Too many people walk into a church feeling like they have to wear a mask. Be yourself, be real, and be loved. That means you can come as you are. Some people dress casually, others dress up. Some of our folks are younger, others are older. We're all different, but it makes for a great community!
  • We're Passionate About Worship that is Biblically Based and Culturally Relevant. No smoke and mirrors. No show. Jesus is the coolest person in our church! But that doesn't mean we reject culture; instead we desire to speak into our culture with the truth of Jesus Christ. Our services are contemporary in style and structure, but don't be surprised if you find yourself singing along with a great hymn of the faith. 

  • We Desire to Build You Up in Your Faith to Be a Leader and Difference Maker in Christ's Kingdom. Since we believe the most effective way to grow God's Kingdom is through churches starting churches, leaders are essential. Expect to be equipped and empowered to be a leader and difference maker.