Our Vision

Life can leave you feeling battered and bruised by the storms that come.  We get swept up by the streams of consumerism that leave us unfulfilled and wondering if this is all life has to offer.  We look at the hurts in our lives and the pain in the world and question why people are uncaring and if God is indifferent. We drink from waters that promise satisfaction, but leave us feeling dry and empty.

But at Current, our desire is that people will "catch the current" of God's love in Jesus Christ. We believe that because Jesus is the River of Life, He can “Renew” that which is dead or cut off. Because He is the Living Water, He can “Refresh” those areas of our lives that feel dry and empty. Because He is the “Water that Springs up to Eternal Life,” Jesus says that when we know Him, streams of living water will flow out of us, and in the joy we experience, we will desire to “Restore” the community in which God has placed us. And as we serve as the hands and feet of Jesus, bearing fruit in His name, we will “Reflect” the love of God to a broken world.